Seahawks Make Another Roster Move

In other news, water is wet, the sky is blue, etc.

This time, the guy on the losing end of the cut is DT Craig Terrill, a long-time backup, pass-rush specialist, and running-game liability who’s been with the team since 2004.  There’s been no offical announcement of his release yet, but Terrill’s most recent Twitter update is pretty unambiguous.

So then, who will be taking his place?  According to KJR’s Dave “Softy” Mahler,  Terrill’s roster spot will be filled by another guy the Seahawks signed back in ’04, DB Jordan Babineaux.  If both reports turn out to be accurate, this move would leave the Seahawks with 9 defensive linemen (5DEs, 4 DTs) and 10 defensive backs (5CBs, 4S, and Babineaux in whichever category you’d like to count him in).

There are a few ways to analyze this.  Cutting Terrill could be a big vote of confidence for the play and durability of the other four DTs listed on the depth chart (Mebane, Siavii, Balmer, and Cole), or adding Babineaux could mean the coaches decided the depth behind the starters at corner and safety wasn’t as strong as they thought it was on Saturday.  Or, it could be a move driven purely by need on special teams — it’s possible that the coverage units looked noticeably worse without Babineaux.  Or heck, maybe Terrill just insulted someone’s wife.  Until we get some actual facts, all of this is idle speculation.

UPDATE: Eric Williams of the Tacoma News Tribune is reporing that Jason La Canfora has also corroborated the two moves.  The motivation appears to be purely financial, as Babineaux and Terrill were scheduled to earn base salaries of $2.45 mil and $1.1 mil, respectively.  By cutting Babineaux, then cutting Terrill and re-signing Babineaux for a veteran minimum $800k, the team will save $2.75 million, which in turn will help defray part of the $6.1 mil they’ll be paying Houshmandzadeh to play for Baltimore.