Seahawks Lose AGAIN! (R-Rated Post)

(Hey Everyone. I have to post this early due to some prior engagements. I don’t think we will win though.)

Sounds like a broken record eh? Hasselbeck was horrible. Offense had two good drives. Defense was OK! Was the benching of Hasselbeck needed? At this point, even if the Seahawks win the division in week 17 vs. the Rams, the Hawks will face a far superior team like the Saints or Giants.

Have had it Addicts. Get your frustrations out.

Seahawks Lose, again… R-Rated Post

A good game by the Hawks, but, as has been the case, they cannot close and refuse to win it. Big. Old. Fail. Justin Forsett was excellent, and Josh Wilson was very good. That’s about all the good I can put together right now. How do Lions fans do it?

So, uh… what better time than to start talking draft?

Give us your worst, because this is the lowest we’re getting this year. The season is all but unredeemable. The good news is, the Broncos have dropped 3 in a row, and play the streaking Chargers next week for the division lead.