Seahawks Almost Took Clausen

Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel tweeted this morning that the Seahawks “were definitely going to take Clausen at 14 but they were stunned Earl Thomas was still there. Couldn’t pass him up.” Apparently, the Chiefs were very interested at #5, too.

It is remarkable that Clausen has taken the slide that he has, but I would be surprised if he isn’t one of the first two picks come 3 pm today. The Seahawks are unlikely to have enough ammunition to trade up and get him, but they must not be too smitten with him if that’s the case. To pick a safety over a quarterback speaks volumes, and as we all know, the 2011 QB draft class looks to be quite a bit stronger with Locker, Luck and Mallet all anticipated to come out (as well as a few others like Terrelle Pryor and Nick Foles).