Schneider: Tall CBs, WRs

Mike Sando has a nice write-up on Schneider and Carroll, specifically touching on the personnel decisions they might go after. I missed the interview that Schneider had with Clayton this weekend, but Sando summarizes it nicely. Check it out.

The thing that will surely stick out to the Ruskell haters is that Schneider puts a premium on tall CBs and WRs. In fact, on the entire roster, the Packers have only one CB shorter than 6’0″ (the Seahawks had precisely one CB on the roster last year — Ken Lucas — who was 6’0″ or taller).

The average weight of the Packers roster CBs is 192.3 lbs and average height is 72.4 inches (aka, a hair over 6 feet). The Seahawks’ average height was 70.67 inches or a hair under 5’11”. Average weight is a little higher than the Packers — 194. The Packers CBs are, on average, slower than the Hawks’ guys: average 40 time of 4.47 vs 4.43 for the Hawks. That’s misleading though: the top three depth spots for the Hawks all ran under a 4.40 forty-yard dash, whereas no one on the active roster of the Packers can lay that claim.

Here are the tables: