Saying Goodbye to Walter

With Walter Jones’ retirement announcement expected to come today, the Seattle Seahawks franchise truly begins a new era. While Jones has been a minimal factor for the past two seasons due to injuries, his legacy is undeniably that of the most dominant force in football for more than a decade. Through thick and thin, wins and losses, Walter Jones protected his quarterback better than any other NFL player ever has. He became the golden example of just how important the left tackle position could be. Through his raw athleticism, ridiculous strength, and killer instinct, Jones dominated the most physical sports league in the country without batting an eye. The fact that he did it all with no pain medication speaks to his toughness, perseverance, and love of the game.

So, today, as we prepare to hear the retirement announcement (and, I would hope, the simultaneous retiring of his jersey number), I thought it might be worthwhile to just throw this post up and see what you guys wanted to say regarding Jones. As he retires today, he can look forward to becoming a first ballot Hall of Famer, an accomplishment that will make me and I’m sure all of you very proud. Thanks for all you’ve done, Big Walt!