Sando Breaks Down The Opener

Hey gang,

I had hand surgery yesterday so I’ve become a one-handed typer for a short period of time . Some of you are probably cheering the fact that for a little while at least, my long-winded articles are a thing of the past. I wanted to provide you guys with a link to a very good read I came across so I hammered this out using the one-fingered “chicken pecking grain” move this Chinese guy teaches at the Alaskan rehabilitation center for one fingered typists.

I run across an in depth breakdown of Seattle’s opening day victory over the Forty Niners entitled What to make of Seahawks’ opener from Mike Sando on his ESPN NFC West Blog that I thought was a very good read and re-inforced many of the points that were brought up here on the Seahawk Addict’s post game reviews. Mike has seemed to have jumped on the back end of the Seahawk’s bandwagon again and had some very good things to say about Jeremy Bates.

The combination of Bates and Hasselbeck made the 49ers look silly at times on defense. They baited defensive players into jumping short routes, only to strike further downfield with double moves. These were not halftime adjustments, either. Seattle implemented them on the fly after 49ers cornerback Nate Clements picked off Hasselbeck’s first pass with a bold gamble.

He also re-inforced a point I brought up in an earlier article about Holmgren’s style of coaching versus Bates.

Give Holmgren three or four seasons to implement his system with the same core players and he’ll field a diverse, dynamic offense. Give Bates one offseason to work with a reconfigured roster and he’ll field the best possible offense for that week. That is my general impression after one week.

I think you guys will be glad you followed the link and read Sando’s piece which covers offense, defense, and special teams with his analysis. Enjoy!