SA Forums Shutting Down

Hey gang,

Due to security / hacking issues the Seahawk Addicts Forum will be shutting down, but everything else on the site will remain up and running. In the next week or two, a full new system of commenting will be unrolled. That system will have forum-like functions that should make up for the lack of “real” forums. They are lightly-used as it is anyway, but I know we have some devotees, and we’re sorry that we’ve got to shut them down. If it becomes something that we just can’t live without, we may be able to work on patching the security with outside help.
The new Bloguin commenting system will be unrolled soon (as will a much, much faster version of this site with a more streamlined design) and that is going to be pretty awesome, 10 times better than what we’ve been using. Again, we’ll see how everyone reacts to that and if it does not in fact replace the need for forums, we’ll get someone to come in and make them ironclad. Thanks for understanding!