Russell Okung Sprains His High Ankle

Well, it’s confirmed, or clarified at least.. Russell Okung is out indefinitely with a high ankle sprain.  From Coach Carroll (via Danny O’Neil) himself:

“It’s day-to-day, I hate to even think week-to-week,” Carroll said after Tuesday’s practice. “We’re going to just keep looking at him as we’re going through this. In terms of injuries, I don’t think he’s missed a game before or even a practice. So he doesn’t have any experience of having to come back from something so we’ll figure that out as we go.”

So there’s that….. which is nice.

Mansfield Wrotto worked with the first team during practice on Tuesday and will most likely get the remainder of the pre-season starts, and although not likely, Locklear is always a candidate to move to the left side.

Okung has always been tough and resilient through injuries, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that this is 2-4 weeks and not 4-6.