Rounding up the Mocks

The NFL Combine gets started this week, and plenty of nobodies will become “future stars” while a few can’t-misses will become mid-round disappointments… The mock drafts really start coming together after the combine — will Taylor Mays save his draft stock or plummet to the middle of the 2nd round, will Carlos Dunlap be exposed for the average player with character issues that he is or look like the stud his body suggests he should be, et cetera. I figured it was worth one more look prior to all the changes though, so here we go:

  • As always, we start with friend of the blog Rob Staton’s most recent mock draft, where he’s got Sam Bradford going first overall to the Rams. I could see that. I think Rob has got OT Anthony Davis going a bit too high, but I would have said that about Jason Smith at this point last year, too. Of course, I still think Jason Smith went too high, but that’s not really the point.
  • Matt McGuire over at Walter Football updated his mock draft today, and he has the Rams opting to go with Jimmy Clausen, while the first tackle off the board goes to the Chiefs at #5 (Russell Okung).
  • Over at DraftSeason they’ve got a new mock up which seems pretty good. It’s funny how the Chiefs are such wildcards this year, with just about everyone going a different direction; they’ve got them taking Okung again, which makes this not a great place to bring this up, but I’ve seen them taking 7 or 8 different guys.
  • Of course, the best place to check for recent mock drafts is DC Pro Sports Report. They update their database of mock drafts daily, and recently expanded from the top 5 picks to the top 10 picks, so you can immediately compare all 289 (and counting) of their posted drafts. It’s a daily read for me.
Feel free to link to your favorite mock draft, or talk about who we should or shouldn’t draft. I’m still working on finding an effective work around at work so I am not fully deprived of the site. I’ve been waking up early just for you guys!