Round 2: Fixing the Running Game?

It’s two months before draft day, and we’ve already seen plenty of mock drafts out there. The excitement and speculation over the Seahawks’ two first-round picks is definitely going to make great discussion fodder until April, but as is the case every year, people seem to forget the draft has six more rounds.

The guys over at have done a mock draft through Round 4 of the 2010, and their pick for the Hawks’ second-rounder will get people talking.

They had Georgia Tech RB Jonathan Dwyer being taken by the Seahawks in Round 2, 40th overall. I haven’t watched much of Dwyer in action, but he’s sold as “the total package” at running back by announcers in this video after he absolutely flattens a Miami defender here:

A lot of people are still high on CJ Spiller, but remember we still know very little about what Pete Carroll and John Schneider are going to do, both in the draft and in free agency. It’s a veritable guessing game at this point.

WF has a scouting report on Dwyer here, highlighting his big frame and body mass, and also his patience and aggressiveness when hitting the hole and in traffic. Last time I checked, Seattle needed a running back with similar attributes. Could Dwyer be our answer at RB in the second round?