RIP Dave Niehaus

Source: Seattle Times

This isn’t a Mariners blog, but it doesn’t need to be. Dave Niehaus passed away today at the age of 75 and the entire Seattle sports community has lost our icon. He got us through 2,322 Mariners victories and 2,519 Mariners losses. He did it with humor and humility, passion and reason, joy and disbelief. For me, he made it okay to be dumbfounded and disappointed with your team without ever turning your back on them. He, more than any other person I can think of, has embodied the highs and lows of Seattle sports.

Few of us will ever forget “The Double” from 1995, the 116 win season in 2001, the grand salamis, my-oh-mys, or diabolical! Still, what made Niehaus a legend, a household name, and a humble hero in Seattle and around the country was the fact that he appeared to live his life everyday genuinely. He never shied away from expressing disappointment or frustration, but he never let himself (and, therefore, us) get discouraged or think that the grey clouds would not pass.

There are no words tonight, just loss. Thank you Dave for all the joy, humor, anecdotes, and brilliance that you so effortlessly brought into our lives.