Quick Hits

Hey gang,

It’s early Sunday morning after the Seahawks 27-24 defeat in Qwest Field. Here are some initial thoughts on last nights game.  These are off the cuff and may be completely wrong.

That’s just how I roll at 6:40am PST.

  1. First and foremost, can we put to bed the “Hasselbeck is washed up!” rallying cry?  Following a weak performance against Tennesee (4/10, 26 yards, 47.9 rating), The Hass returned this week to the tune of 11/15, 127 yards, 1 TD and a 120.7 passer rating.  Naysayers will say “yeah, he just had a good game”, but Hasselbeck looked almost as good as ever.  He was able to move around freely in the pocket, buying time for his young wideouts to find seams and pockets in the Green Bay defense.  Showing a strong accurate arm, Hasselbeck just felt like the guy we all know and love from years gone by.
  2. As previously mentioned on this site, Kelly Jennings is a freaking liability.  He looked lost most of the game, played too far off his man, didn’t wrap up on the tackle, and just generally looked confused.
  3. Special Teams represent! This was the best unit of the night. As good as the offense looked under Hasselbeck, the Special Teams play was better.  Josh Wilson started the party by following solid blocks up the sideline en route to a 54 yard return on the kick-off following Green Bay’s first score.  John Ryan continued the show with as exciting of a performance as one could expect from a punter.  Ryan placed two balls beautifully inside the five yard line, one downed at the one yard line, and the other at the three.  With a defense looking as swiss cheese as the Hawks did last night, field position is more important than ever.
  4. Well hello there Mr. Washington! Leon surprised most in his debut last night.  After taking the ball from the ineffective Justin Forsett, Washington wasted no time, pushing up the middle for a five yard gain on his first carry since October. Washington later scored on a dammed near perfect play. The offensive line worked the zone block scheme perfectly, driving defenders to the left side as Washington exploded between the tackles, using his speed to simply sprint past the remaining defenders. I like. I like a lot.
  5. Other than the flashes that Washington provided, the run game looked stale.  Forsett wasn’t able to get anything going, and Julius Jones looked like the ugly stepchild of the group.  The line failed to open any real running lanes, and I had flashbacks to Holmgren as our runners made short gain after short gain (followed by short loss, naturally).
  6. While the running backs struggled, the WR’s shined.  “Houuuuuuuusshhh” was particularly impressive, consistently getting open and making sure handed grabs all over the field. The other stand out in my opinion, was the big guy, Mike Williams. Williams played hungry, epitomized by a play late in the half when protection broke down and Hasselbeck was forced to scramble, finally hitting a laid out Williams on the sideline for 17 yards and a big first down. Diamond in the rough? Diamond in the rough.
  7. I’ll leave the Whitehurst breakdown for someone else. “Meh” is all I could muster. He didnt look bad, and yes, he can make plays with his feet, but… Why did we replace Seneca Wallace again? (Fully prepared to eat the previous comment in the coming years of pro bowl superstardom that Whitehurst is clearly headed for.)
  8. Earl Thomas was everywhere.  Literally. He played fast and disruptive all game, and even managed to save Kelly Jennings from himself.  On a deep ball to Greg Jennings, Thomas FLEW from the other side of the field to catch up, almost intercepting the ball over both Jennings, nearly crushing Kelly on his way down. Almost.
  9. Trufant looks healthy again. Finally.
  10. Some big kid we paid a lot of money got hurt. The initial reports are a high ankle sprain, with more info to follow. Great.

All in all, a very promising performance from Seattle. The offense showed up in a big way, matching Aaron Rodgers and the electric GB offense stride for stride.  The defense is clearly a work in progress, but some lesser known guys came through and impressed (Tyjuan Hagler, I’m looking at you).  This team looks like a team that is competing and improving.  Also, it may just be me, but I swear that Seattle is a team that just seems… happy.  I understand that it is preseason, but there isn’t a guy on that sideline that I thought had bad body language.  Everyone seems genuinely invested in this organization, and is working as hard as possible to make this organization succeed.

Whats that? Why yes! I will have a second helping of the Carroll Kool-Aid, thank you!