Q & A – The Answers

Who’s your favorite seahawk of all time? Currently? If you weren’t a seahawk fan who would you follow?

Favorite Seahawk of all time is Cortez Kennedy. Evidently, I’m a huge DT fan, because my favorite current Seahawk has been Brandon Mebane since beasting onto the scene as a rookie when Darby went down.

If I wasn’t a Seahawk fan, I’d follow the Ravens. I love aggressive defense and solid run games, but I’m sure as hell not going to follow the Steelers.

Will Golden Tate score more then 2 TD’s this year??

I wouldn’t count on it. I think it is a definite possibility, because he such a playmaker and can turn any play into gold, but he hasn’t shown enough as a WR to make us think differently. Add to it that his punt returning has taken a step back, and I think it’s more reasonable to expect a 2011 breakout year for Tate.

Will Hasselbeck throw for more then 300 yards tomorrow?

He should be able to, but that is largely up to the WRs. It seems like the majority of the QBs who go crazy with yardage are those with WRs who can turn a ten yard pass into fifty (see: Cutler). That relies on ball placement by the QB, too, which hasn’t been a strength’s of Hasselbeck’s this year.

Out of our quartet of WR Stokley, Williams, Butler, & Tate who will score the most touchdowns the rest of this season?

I would guess Mike Williams, but it could be Butler. I would expect John Carlson to lead the team in TDs though.

Is Curry a semi-bust?

Not sure that’s a thing, but I would say no. Aaron Curry is playing well, but coming from a position that isn’t necessarily going to get the most attention. He needs to improve his pass rush to become a truly dynamic threat, but his run defense has been good and he has dropped well into coverage for a LB.

Whats for dinner? :)

Homemade minestrone soup with baked chicken breasts. Which reminds me, I should probably start making that soup… [read more]


Is it just me, or isn’t it about time that Washington jumps ahead of Forsett in the depth chart behind Lynch?

It’s just you. Washington doesn’t bring much to the running game on a snap-after-snap basis. He can be dynamic and a big playmaker, but his snaps will be limited. He adds so much value over the second-best kick returner, that he should and will stay there primarily. The Seahawks are #1 in the league in post-kickoff starting point, the 33 yard line (and #1 in the league in opponent’s starting point, the 20.6 yard line!).

Is Thurmond going to be able to contain Fitzgerald?

Is anyone? Fitzgerald will get his catches, but Thurmond might make young Max Hall pay for being overly reliant on Fitz. Thurmond looked very competent last week, but remember that Fitzgerald really is a special player.

With the o-line finally looking set how much do you see it helping the run game?

The improved O-Line play will certainly help the run game, but Carroll getting a new toy in Marshawn Lynch will also allow the Seahawks to rely much more heavily and consistently on the run game. We will become a more balanced offense which is invaluable in this league, especially on the road.

As it stands now, Which direction do you think the Hawks will go first in this upcoming draft? My thoughts are defensive back (safey).

Kam Chancellor is our strong safety of the future, and obviously we pulled in Earl Thomas for FS. I don’t see that as a need right now. Plus, Lawyer Milloy is playing at an incredibly high level, so I wouldn’t be shocked for him to stay one more year.

In the first round, the Seahawks almost have to go QB unless they just hate what’s left by the time they’re picking (#32). I could see them going WR or DE in the first, otherwise.

Why is our pass defense so bad when we now have a decent pass rush, good safeties and trufant at least?

Our pass defense isn’t “bad,” per se. We haven’t given up many passing TDs, for example, just a lot of passing yards. Much of that comes from who we have faced thus far: Phillip Rivers and Kyle Orton are both on pace to break the all-time yardage record this year. Against the Bears, we took away the deep pass but ended up getting burned on yards-after-catch a few times. The Bears are built for that though. I’m not all that worried about our pass defense, but it would be nice to add a linebacker who has “special” cover skills next year.

Justin Forsett seemed to open up a little against the Bears, do you think Lynch will remain the starter? Forsett I love you:)

Forsett opened up a bit against the Bears primarily because of Lynch. Lynch will be the starter and should be, and it’s the best thing in the world for Justin Forsett to recapture the role he is built to play. Both of them will be featured heavily in this offense, especially as Lynch learns it more completely.

What are your thoughts on us drafting Andrew Luck?

I’m not opposed — I think Luck will be a competent NFL QB — but he’s not my favorite prospect as he seems a little more like a game manager than a game breaker (think Kyle Orton v. Phil Rivers). That said, I don’t think he’ll be anywhere near available when the Seahawks are drafting.

With a win this weekend we will be 4-2. That would leave 10 games left to get a total of 4 more wins. I say 10-6 for the season. How about you?

Well, we haven’t won yet, but we would indeed be 4-2. I do not believe that 8-8 will win this division, but I agree that there is a chance we can go 10-6 this year. There are two very difficult games left on our schedule — Giants and @Saints. Even assuming those are losses (which I don’t), we still have a good shot at the playoffs.

I thought I saw Kam Chancellor on the field with Lawyer against the Bears. Was that correct, and why would the Hawks put two relatively slow guys deep in passing situations? Was there another guy deep with them that I missed?

To be fair, Chancellor ran a 4.59 forty, but I get what you’re saying. The Seahawks played the majority of the Bears game in a bizarre 3-1-7 formation, with Lofa the only LB and seven defensive backs on the field. Chancellor was often one of those seven. Earl Thomas, Marcus Trufant, Lawyer Milloy, and Lofa Tatupu were the only four defensive players to play every snap, with Chancellor taking 12 of the 59 defensive snaps.

Do you believe the Hawks will draft a QB in the first round next year? Is Jake the best available? Who would you draft?

I find it hard to believe that they won’t if one is available. It will depend largely on whether they put Matt Hasselbeck back in a Seahawks uniform. It seems unlikely, but it also seems unlikely that the Seahawks enter the draft with one QB on the roster. I would call Andrew Luck and Jake Locker 1A and 1B, with Pat Devlin, Ryan Mallett, Christian Ponder rounding out the possible first rounders. I look for Pat Devlin to potentially rise a la Joe Flacco.

What positions should we go after in the first three rounds of next years draft?

QB, DE, WR, LB. We don’t have a third round pick, though.

Will Golden Tate break out this year? typically recievers have a 3 year curve, do you see Tate following that? also, isnt the learning curve for defensive linemen 2 years? I ask because everyone is talking about drafting a DE or DT high next year.

I don’t imagine Tate will break out this year, no. He might have a breakout game, but not season. I could see Tate following Deon Butler’s trajectory, honestly, but he’ll make more plays than Butler did last year because he’s stronger and more dynamic. Defensive linemen vary wildly, but it is rare for a DE to have a huge first season.

Will Seattle ever be in the running to come to London for a regular season game?

I doubt it. They aren’t a particularly popular team nationally so the NFL wouldn’t be dreaming of the scenario, and few teams are willing to take a 15 hour plane ride if they don’t have to.

Who do you think gives us the best shot at being our best Matt Hasselbeck or Charlie Whitehurst? I’ve never been against Matt because I’ve always thought he can get a great rythm going, and the Chicago game was great, but I can comfortably say Matt is not a champion

Right now, Matt gives us the best shot to win from what we know. We know very little about Whitehurst. If the season starts falling apart we will see Whitehurst. If not, Matt will be winning.