Prognosis on Leon Washington

When the Seahawks traded for former Jets RB Leon Washington during last weekend’s draft, they were aware of the risks involved. The speedy, explosive Washington is in the middle of recovering from a nasty compound leg fracture he suffered last October in a game against the Raiders, but his recovery is progressing well.

According to ESPN injury expert and physical therapist Stephania Bell, who spoke with Mike Sando about Washington’s injury, the 27-year-old Washington has a good chance to come back 100 percent for training camp.

“Based on what he is doing right now, it looks pretty promising,” Bell said. “His injury was a terrible injury, a compound fracture with lots of blood, very messy, gruesome and a tough injury to come back from. He has continued progress to make. But where he is at in this time frame bodes well. He is doing straight-line running already. Plus, he is relatively young.”

Bell went on to call the Seahawks’ investment in Washington “reasonable,” and Sando pointed out a few other factors in why concerns should be minimal about their newest backfield addition. Among those? Washington only has 370 career carries, which is considerably low for a player of his talent. His body will have sustained much less punishment than a lot of other oft-used backs of his age in the league.

I think that point was a compelling reason as to why Pete Carroll jumped at the chance to grab him. Running backs usually taper off most of their production in the NFL when they hit 30, but Washington’s legs could conceivably carry him a lot farther than that. And given that he’ll be sharing time with LenDale White and Justin Forsett, the odds continue to favor Washington’s role in this three-headed ground attack.

Bell concludes her opinion with the following bit of encouragement:

“Once it heals, it’s pretty solid,” Bell said. “It was nasty and horrible to go through, but once it heals, it should be a one-and-done type injury. It all depends on the healing. If someone heals well from this, they can do really well.”

Here’s to wishing Leon a continued recovery that makes him a nightmare on the field for San Francisco in Week 1.