Predicted MVP: 12th Man

Beast mode!

Good morning, Seahawks fans. It’s game day. And not just any game day, it’s Seahawks – Cardinals game day at home for the division lead. It’s a chance for the Seahawks to prove the haters wrong. It’s time to expose the Cardinals for the mediocre-to-poor team they are. Unlike the Saints, we’ve got game tape on Hall, so we should have a better shot at getting to the little rascal, but more importantly, unlike the Saints, we’ve got the 12th Man!

Consider this your flippin’ Pep Rally. If you’re headed to the game today, bring throat lozenges. Focus on the game. Scream until your throat bleeds, then scream some more. Let’s break the NFL sound record, let’s crack 200 dbs, let’s give the Giants — who come into Seattle November 7th, likely as the first seed in the NFC — a little something to think about as they try to get some rest November 6.

What are the Cardinals going to look like when they watch the game tape tomorrow morning? How about this [read more]

Let’s make it happen, 12th Man! Let’s dominate this game, let’s show the rest of the NFL what it looks like when 69,000 diehard fans take over a game for their team. Let’s go BEAST MODE on Darnell Dockett, Larry Fitzgerald, and little Beanie Wells. The NFC West is our division and it’s time to take it back. And when we’ve won, and you’re on the way home, make sure you hit I-5 with a little touch of Beast Mode: