Pre-Game Notes

A little housekeeping:

  • If you like going to games (and are still interested in this game), please “Like” the Seahawk Addicts Tickets page on Facebook. A lot of deals posted just this morning for below-average prices on ebay auctions for today’s game, and we’ll keep’em coming week after week.
  • More importantly: today is the Northwest Harvest food drive. If you’re going to the game, please bring some canned goods — one can, twenty cans, whatever you fancy. This is a huge opportunity to help families in need and it’s at a very modest cost to yourself. I know that everyone is tightening the purse strings, but if you can afford a ticket to the Seahawks game, hopefully you can also spring for a can of beans or corn.
  • Just a (not at all) fun fact: the Seahawks will start their 8th Left Tackle in 29 games, today. Good luck, Chester!