Playoff Questions

Today is a new day and the Seahawks still have a chance to win the diviion and have a home playoff game. Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times put together a great article with the NFC West playoff picture.

The Cardinals are eliminated thanks to the loss to the Panthers on Sunday.

The 49ers must win their next two games against the Rams and the Cardinals to win the division. I think they will lose against the Rams but win against the Cardinals thus eliminating them from the playoffs.

The Rams need to win the next two games in order to win the division and have a home playoff game. I believe the Rams will win next week against the 49ers. I am not convinced that the Rams can win in Seattle, yet.

The Seahawks must win the next two games against Tampa Bay and St. Louis in order to outright win the division. I am not sure that the Seahawks can win in Tampa Bay. If the Rams win against the 49ers and the Seahawks lose against Tampa Bay, then the playoff picture will come down to week 17,  St. Louis at Seattle.

To look at week 17 with the Seahawks possibly 6-9 and the Rams possibly 7-8 is hard to swallow. It’s a playoff birth though for one of these teams. How can one not be excited for their team to make the playoffs?

To start a new chat today that I am sure will be heated, I pose a few questions below:

  • Do you want to see your team in it’s current state make the playoffs?
  • Will Hasselbeck rebound from one of the worst games in his career?
  • If the Seahawks win against the Rams and host a playoff game, that will bring either the New York Giants or New Orleans Saints to Seattle. Do you think the Hawks have a chance?
  • Draft 2011… QB in the first round or Offensive line?

Those are just a few questions I have. What about you?