Pete Carroll Presser

Tod Leiweke’s segment: able to get a guy that other guys tried to get, but didn’t; we were certainly in right place at right time, but we also offered him an excellent opportunity. A great owner, the best fans in the NFL, and then absolutely fantastic facilities — our stadium and the VMAC. I am proud to introduce Pete Carroll as Executive Vice President and Head Coach……

Pete Carroll:

“So fired up to be here today.” “Almost dreamlike for me.” “I’ve been so impressed with their vision and their outlook to the future, how they want the organization to be run, how they hope it can gain a stature in the NFL community and in Seattle, that is exactly in line with the way I think.”

“The growth we experienced in USC has given me the opportunity to grow into a person I was not a few years ago (last time he coached NFL).” Always had a thought that maybe it could come together in a way that would fit right in the NFL, despite loving the college experience. Paul Allen wants to win from now on, not just for now.

“I’ve grown up in the last ten years with expectations that were unbelievably high. Perfection is the only answer. I hope we can do things better than they’ve ever been done around here before, there are extraordinarily high expectations, I love that. I love setting our sights so high that maybe it seems unattainable, and I’m okay with that.”

“As a defensive background guy, knowing we can take advantage of the 12th man, I know we can. To be able to connect with the fanbase like that, on the first day, I am counting on that, thats unbelievable.”

“I want to see a very, very tough football team, and a team that plays smart. Great effort, enthusiasm, smarts, you have a chance to be a very good football team. It would be wrong for me not to mention that we HAVE to run the football to be successful. We will find a way to run the football, it will effect everything on the football field going forward. You’ll know more abotu that in the days to come, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.”

“What’s happened? What do you get with me?” There has been growth over the last nine years, mostly the expectations and you have to win. I get that, I love it. These expectations don’t have to overwhelm us, they must drive us and inspire us. In my experience with championships year after year, there come expectations from the players and the coaches, the way you practice drives you. It is what gives you a chance to be a champion from now on. The fundamentals it takes comes from the way you prepare. At USC we had open practices, it won’t be quite the same, but we want to introduce our football to our fans so you can embrace it and be part of it as well.

You have to see and project players early on, and that has helped me to evaluate personnel and see where they’re coming. At USC, we recruited the people in the NFL now, people say, how are you going to transition? Well they’re the same people, the same guys just a bit older. “I have a different way of looking at it than I did when I was only a coach.” At USC I had a better chance to evaluate, and I think I’m better prepared now.

My job is to orchestrate the performance of this club. This is a big job, it encompasses a lot of aspects and I’m going to need a lot of help. We’re entering into a search this afternoon for a GM. I’m thrilled to be part of this process. I will be involved in all aspects of that.

If there’s a difference: the experience I’d had then, and the experience I’ll have now, the collaboration between all parts is EXACTLY what I was looking for. This is an extraordinary time, and I hope you can sense the excitement I have. I know its going to be hard, I know its going to be difficult. “I couldn’t be more prepared for it, to get started.”

This program is about competition. In all aspects of everything we do we’ll be in a relentless pursuit of competition. We will compete like crazy, I hope that will be the most important part of our program. We need all the players to be together with us on this mission. “It’s great to be a Seahawk.”

Questions (can’t hear them):

“I wouldn’t agree with “that” at all; I think theres a personality that comes out of my coaching than one that comes out of others. I coach with tremendous energy and want extraordinary discipline. Do we practice with intent? When I was at New England I was 27-21, that’s not a bad record, we didn’t get it done. I was still developing how to put the process together, and I think it’s exceedingly farther along than back then. When you watch the process I think you’ll see we’re far beyond that.”

“The university could make no offer to sway me away from this incredible opportunity with Seattle.”

Mentioned “using the special characteristics of our … quarterbacks…” Senec@ baby! .

“It is most important that I know who Aaron Curry is, so I can find a way to best position him to succeed. I can care less if these guys like me, I can care less if they want to have fun with me, its about communication.” Awesome!!!