‘Open Thread’ Seahawks vs. Panthers

Let’s get this party started. Open Thread for all of you Seahawk Addicts. Who will win today? Will the Seahawks get the ground game going?

1st Quarter: Seahawks already down 7-0. Run Defense looks horrible as well as the whole defense. We need to make some adjustments already. Seahawks take over on downs at the 6 yard line with 4:31 left in the 1st. Defense doing a tad better. WR Mike Williams is out with ankle injury. Justin Forsett landed on his left ankle. Seahawks catch a break with a Claussen fumble. Walter Thurmond takes over for Jennings at right corner back. Jennings absolutely horrible today.

2nd Quarter: Seahawks start out with a nice pass to Stokely but then choke at the end of the drive. Still can’t get anything going offensively. Hawks down 14-0 to one of the worst teams in the NFL at home. 7-9 may win the division this year and it may be the Rams if the Hawks keep playing like this. Seahawks get a good drive going and G Mike Gibson misses a block causing Hasselbeck to throw to fast and get intercepted. WR Ben Obomananu catches a great pass but gets injured. Hasselbeck is now injured but remains in. A Mare field goal at least keeps the Hawks at 14-3. Not much hope right now. Halftime is much needed for a re-grouping.

3rd Quarter: What the heck happened with Washington? Forsett has a wonderful run and then gets a horse collar tackle giving the Seahawks a first and goal. TD is critical at this point. Lynch scores a TD. Seahawks make the score 14-10. Offense gets it going and looks good coming out of the half. Defense will need to stop the run from the Panthers in order to win. YES!!! Tatupu-PICK 6!!!!! 17-14 Seahawks! Hawks D get things going again. Let’s keep the momentum alive team! 84 yard punt return by Leon Washington. He almost makes a TD but gets tripped up. Dangit. Lynch scores a 1 yard TD for his second one of the day. Seahawks up 24-14. Chris Clemons sacks QB Claussen. Chris now has 8.5 sacks in the past 10 games. Raheem Brock gets another sack for the Seahawks. Claussen shaken up after that play.

4th Quarter: Running the clock out now. Hasselbeck misses a wide open Justin Forsett which would have been an easy TD. Mare misses a 47 yard field goal. Time for Defense to pick it up again. Defense is causing havoc for Carolina offense. Lynch scores another TD. Seahawks up 31-14. That TD will win the game. Rams look like they will win as well. Rams and Seahawks will each be 6-6 with the rest of the year up for grabs. I still believe the division will come down to week 17. Rams at Seahawks!