Open Thread – Seahawks v. Cardinals

Bring the fury! Unleash the Beast! Drop it like it’s hot! Et cetera…

Update – Okung is out with a left ankle injury, and will not return.

First Quarter Wrap-up: The Seahawks should have been able to put a few more points on the board, but they are leading and that’s noteworthy. More than that, Max Hall is having big time trouble getting anything going. Walter Thurmond is playing pretty well so far. Lynch started out dominant and then we went away from the run. Hopefully we get back to that right about… now.

Second Quarter Wrap-up: Well, it hasn’t been pretty, but I’m not going to sneeze at a 10-0 lead at the half. The offense has stalled, Matt is holding the ball way too long, and losing Okung is proving problematic, since Locklear is having one of his worst games as a pro. I’d like to see the Offense really take hold and dominate, but I’m okay with the defensive domination thus far.

Third Quarter Wrap-up: We came out in the second half with what appears to be a desire to lose this game. On that last drive, we threw 12 times on 13 plays with 0 Lynch touches. Our Defense is looking outclassed against Derek Anderson. When it looked like we might get a little momentum going, we give up a 70 yard kickoff return. We still are in a good position to win this game, but I really don’t understand what we are doing out there.