Okung OK And Will Practice This Week

Finally, Seattle catches a break. Seahawk coach Pete Carroll said that Okung was removed from the game when his ankle became sore as a precaution as reported in the Seahawks Blog yesterday by Clare Farnsworth. Okung took 26 snaps at left tackle during the Rams game, enough for the Seahawks be able to evaluate his first regular season appearance.

“We saw some very good things from Russell yesterday,” Carroll said. “He made it through the game without getting re-injured.”

Okung missed almost 6 weeks after suffering a high ankle sprain during the Seahawk’s second preseason game. Although it was initially reported that he had re-injured his right ankle, he left the game after it beame sore but before it sustained additional damage.

“He did a nice job,” Carroll said. “He’s introduced, finally, to playing NFL football. And we need him to come on, because he’s a factor. And we could tell that.”

Okung will resume practice this week and should play against Chicago. That should bring a little joy into every Seahawk Addicts life this morning.