Odds Against Okung Playing in Opener

As the days until the first week of the 2010 NFL regular season draw ever nearer, the Seahawks are facing a few questions where they’d much rather have answers.

Though first-round pick Russell Okung’s recovery from a high ankle sprain is going well, Pete Carroll told Danny O’Neil today that the chances of Okung being in the lineup for Week One are very much in the air. Carroll:

“If you’ve been around me, I’m always hoping,” Carroll said. “I’m optimistic that there’s a chance, and we’ll hold that out until there isn’t. He’ll do everything he can to get right. It would be a pretty special recovery if he’s able to do that, but who knows.”

I’m not put at ease by the use of “pretty special recovery” there, but I’m going to remain optimistic until we hear otherwise. Typical recovery time for a high ankle sprain can be up to six weeks, and given Okung just suffered the injury last week against the Packers, the safe money is going on Mansfield Wrotto starting at left tackle against the 49ers.

The most unsettling part about this is the 49er defense tied for third in the league last year in sacks. With facing an opponent like that to start the year — a division rival, at that — we can only hope Carroll and John Schneider have been paying close attention to the waiver wire for any backup linemen they could find. Ray Willis is also out with a knee injury, and God help us all if Sean Locklear gets another stint at Hasselbeck’s blind side again.

The good news in all this? Chester Pitts is finally practicing, and he’ll suit up for Thursday’s game in Oakland. That’s not to say he’ll actually play, mind you, but the important part is we may have a bit of insurance in case we need it, provided Pitts can get back to 100 percent from knee trouble himself.

In short, while the final preseason game is usually meaningless, keep an eye on the offensive line. Wrotto had a mostly-decent go at left tackle against the Vikings, but some consistency would be encouraging.