Odds Against Hasselbeck Playing on Sunday? (UPDATE)

(UPDATE 12/31/10) As I stated earlier in this article, if “Hasselbeck practices on Friday he will probably play on Sunday.” Well guess what? Hasselbeck was limited in practice today and is “questionable” this Sunday to play. Whitehurst is still considered the starter, but if Matt is ready to go Sunday night, Coach Carroll will welcome him back. Hasselebck even took some snaps today with the 1st team unit to see how he was doing.

I believe that Matt will be ready to play Sunday night. What do you think?


Is Matt Hasselbeck going to start this Sunday?


Let’s just say that I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Hasselbeck playing on Sunday. Even though Coach Pete Carroll has stated from Monday-Wednesday that it would take a miracle for Hasselbeck to play, Hasselbeck seems to be doing everything in his power to play. He knows that this is one of the most important games of the year and I believe he won’t let some “butt” pain keep him off the field. One more game to try and get his contract signed.

Coach Carroll was quoted earlier today stating, “Matt is moving around. He was in the pool today. He is not going to take this in any other way than he’s going to get right for the game. He thinks he’s going to make it. It’s going to be against the odds if he can do that, but he’s willing to go for it and we’ll see what that means later in the week. Right now, Charlie is going for it. That’s the only thing that I can really count on right now other than the fact that Matt is going to fight like crazy to get right. I’m totally convinced that he’s waging a battle that’s against the odds. He’s going to make a miracle comeback if he can. We’ll see what happens.”

Later in the week? Hasselbeck could be at practice this Friday. If you hear or see anything stating that Hasselbeck was warming up or was limited in practice. he will play on Sunday night. I guarantee it.

Meanwhile, Coach Spagnuolo of the Rams stated that, “We have a tremendous amount of respect for Matt Hasselbeck, but I think when Charlie Whitehurst gets in there, he’s every bit as effective as Matt.”

That could be interpreted as a smack in the face to Hasselbeck or a kind statement to flatter Whitehurst. I guess we will see Sunday night Addicts who will start and if the starting QB can get the offense going at home.

Who do you think will start Sunday night?