Obomanu Earns Starting Job

Surprisingly, even after his 63-yard touchdown catch on Sunday at Arizona, WR Deon Butler has lost his starting job to Ben Obomanu.

Through nine games this season, Obomanu has 10 catches for 144 yards and two touchdowns, while Butler is second on the team in receiving with 23 catches, 246 yards and three touchdowns. The timing of Obo’s promotion seems a bit strange, especially just after Butler stretched the field, blew by three Arizona defenders and found the end zone on the longest passing play of the Seahawks’ season so far. But, Obomanu quietly had an impressive game on his own on Sunday.

He caught four passes for 60 yards, his own season-high in a single game. With Golden Tate out at least another week, the coaching staff is probably wanting to test Obomanu against a much more touted opponent — the Saints — on their own turf. Also, it’s worth noting that Obo’s numbers for the season so far have come off of just 13 total targets, while Butler has been targeted 43 times. I’m not exactly mathematically inclined, but just 102 fewer yards off 30 less targets is pretty impressive. Obomanu has always somehow pulled miracle plays from out of nowhere when called upon, so now he’s getting his shot.

It’s curious to think what this means for Deon Butler’s role in the offense, as well as what will happen when Tate comes back healthy.

On an unrelated side note, the Seahawks worked out free agents Tony Ugoh, the former Colts lineman, and former Broncos DL Le Kevin Smith. Both would be solid depth upgrades for the team, especially Ugoh.