NFC West Inspiring Playoff Change?

Something that has been a hot topic on this website and others is the NFC West possible playoff scenario of a 7-9 team hosting a playoff game, and a 7-9 team even making it to the playoffs. If the season turns out like most believe it will, the deciding game for the NFC West could be the Rams visiting the Seahawks in week 17. If you look at the remaining schedules for both teams, it ain’t pretty. I personally believe that the Rams or the Seahawks will finish the season at 8-8. This playoff scenario stuff should die down if that happens.

In this article, Gregg Rosenthal of Pro Football Talk writes that this same scenario could happen and probably will. “Falcons president and co-chair of the NFL Competition Committee Rich McKay hopes that the current state of the NFC West forces the league to change its playoff seeding methods starting in 2011,” wrote Gregg. McKay also states, “I support re-seeding spots 3-6 by record, with division winners not necessarily granted a home game.” (Division winners would be guaranteed a playoff spot at any record.)  He’s come close to getting the measure passed before, with upwards of 18 votes supporting the idea. 24 owners would need to approve the measure to pass it.

I have seen some of the blog reactions so far but I would like to start a blog where we discuss this week what you think.

  • Should the NFL change the rule?
  • Is it fair for a 7-9 team to host a playoff game?
  • Does a 7-9 team deserve that attention?
  • Is it fair to see a team like the New Orleans Saints potentially wind up 11-5 or 12-4, possibly miss out on the playoffs because a 7-9 team has a playoff game?
  • If the Seahawks or Rams win the division at 7-9 and the New Orleans Saints came to town with a 11-5 or 12-4 record, would the Hawks or Rams stand a chance?
  • Would the game be televised by the NFL? Think ratings and $$ signs here people!

What say you Seahawk Addicts?