NFC West Already Won?

Mike Sando of almost declared the winners of he NFC West 2010 season as the San Francisco 49ers in his article yesterday for ESPN. Since writing that article he received quite a few email messages arguing against his article.

Sando then went on and wrote some of those comments into a new article today. Below is some of those quotes from his readers that I loved:

“I’m OK with the 49ers being the slight favorites,” Qwest12thMan wrote. “Seattle will surprise some people,” Qwest12thMan continued, “and I can’t wait until opening week when the Seahawks spank the favorites so bad that they never recover because of their choke-artist QBs.”

“Shame on you, Sando,” quickresults0913 continued. “You know exactly why the 49ers lost in Seattle late in the season to blow their shot at the playoffs. Qwest is the most intimidating place in the NFL and when the coaches get the ship pointed in the right direction and we get our talent healthy, the NFC West will once again be no contest. YOU KNOW THIS!”

Is the national media going to start on the band wagon already declaring the 49ers the winner? I say they will. We as Seahawk fans should be used to this by now right? Who will hold the last laugh this year? Go Seahawks!!!!!