Move on Mora Jeez!

I was really hesitant to write on this but I thought that some of you would need to read about it.

In an article from Pro Football Talk here, Jim Mora was on NFL Network Monday and quoted this about Mark Sanchez, “I’ll tell you what, we really liked him.  I really liked him.  The offensive staff really liked him,” Mora said when asked about his interest last year.  “We had trouble getting a consensus in the room as to whether he’d be the right fit for our organization at that time. So,  the Jets jumped up and picked Sanchez, and we drafted Aaron Curry who we were very happy with, but I’ll tell you this. I was a big Mark Sanchez fan then and I’m a bigger one now. I think this guy is going to be a great one in this league.”

This goes to show how many issues besides this one were behind the scenes with Ruskell, Mora, Holmgren, and probably many others from the past. Hasselbeck was their obvious choice last year and we may see a new QB drafted this year as well. It appears that with so many issues in the back room we should all see now why Paul Allen and Tod Leiweke stepped in said enough is enough. You can’t win on the field if your background staff fight with each other. Ruskell was more of a poison pill then any of us realized and his selection of Mora for head coach reflected that.

I really wish Mora would move on. He was fired. He is bitter. He is upset. We get it. Move on to your next job and let the Seahawk fans move on as well.