More to Feel Good About

ESPN Los Angeles reporter Arash Markazi wrote a lengthy article about Mike Williams’ football career that was published today.  Yes, it’s one of those feel-good, triumph-after-adversity sort of news pieces, but to his credit Markazi doesn’t sugarcoat Williams’ previous failures in Detroit, Oakland, and Tennessee.  In fact, Williams’ first stint in the NFL was so apathetic that not even Pete Carroll believed Williams could make a successful comeback when he first started working out again at USC:

“I thought he was done.  I thought Mike was out of ball forever,” Carroll said.  “I hate to say this, but I didn’t take Mike seriously when he said he was coming back.  I wish I would have taken him more seriously but based on his time away I couldn’t imagine him turning it around.”

The rest of the article details the reasons Williams failed before, as well as the reasons why he’s been more successful this time around.  It’s a good read.

Also, for those of us who love it when someone breaks out the chalkboard and starts filling it with X’s and O’s, Brock Huard does a nice job in his latest Chalk Talk video of diagramming the 3rd and 9 play against the bears that ended with a touchdown by Forsett.  While we were all busy watching Russell Okung snowplow defenders into the endzone, Brandon Stokley and John Carlson were quietly making key blocks to spring the play — and Huard would like to tell you all about them.