More on Moss

RandyMossRandyMossRandyMoss…. Randy Moss.

While some of you, myself included, simply can’t wait for the waiver process to wrap up so we can get on with our lives, others are pretty excited about the possibility of Randy Moss ending up in Seattle.

The argument for both sides is clear. Randy Moss is an exceptional (and aging/aged) talent, and would provide the Seahawks with the deep threat that they are “missing”. Randy Moss is also a grade A as….. oh right, I cant say that word. (Check out Michael Silver’s article over at Yahoo sports for an amazing account of Randy Moss’s sparkling personality.)

Thankfully, our Bloguin brother, Mike from, has put the nation’s #1 dilemma to a vote (it is that time of year, after all). According to their current results, Seattle is the most likely team to aquire the troubled wideout. Check out the poll here, and cast your vote, if you’re into that kind of thing.


Oh, and hey! I’m Joseph, and I’m going to be waxing poetic about the Seahawks over here from time to time.

(Be gentle please.)