Mock Draft 1.0

Guys, first of all: apologies [again] for the slow blog. My lovely place of employment blocked the site (passive aggressive much?), so I’m unable to post anything during the day. Further, I’ve had spotty connection at home on a dying computer. Working on fixing both situations. Add to that the fact that nothing is going on right now, and, baboom, slow blog. So, what better time than to post a mock draft?

You can see the entire draft right here, with comments explaining every single pick. I want to stress that I started this awhile ago, and a lot has changed since I did. I tried to update where sensible, but that didn’t always work. It’s a constant work in progress. The draft numbers are right, but not the teams picking at those numbers are correct and are subject to change. I really would like you to check out the link above though and it will have more explanations about my mock draft. Here is the quick, comment free draft: