Leroy Hill Suspended Yet Again

Leroy Hill is in the NFL doghouse once again.

The Seahawks’ once-promising talent will face another two or three-game suspension for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. Having already missed Week 1 due to violating the league’s susbstance abuse policy, Hill will now have time to do some thinking about what policy he wants to violate next. (If you’re gonna do something, do it well.)

If we see Hill in a Seahawks uniform ever again, I’ll borrow a quip from Chris Sullivan and say “I’d be shocked.” Hill has consistently failed to impress on and off the field, as incidents involving marijuana, domestic violence and now the redundant violation of “personal conduct” have made him more of a problem than he’s worth. He’s also recovering from an injury to his Achilles’ heel, which could be the most ironic injury in Seahawks’ history.

Meanwhile, David Hawthorne’s job as a starter has never been safer. The Seahawks’ linebackers will have their hands full today with Chargers TE Antonio Gates, so this unit needs to bring its A-game. At this rate, we’ll begin seeing Leroy Hill off the field and wearing an ankle bracelet, so at least we’ll have someone else we can call “Lo-Jack.”