LenDale White Released (Updated)

According to Danny O’Neil at the Seattle Times, LenDale White is about to be released from the Seahawks today. There was a blurb on the Seahawks.com website regarding it for a few minutes but some how has disappeared. White was given to the Seahawks for almost free but this is quite surprising that the Hawks would release him.

You can google the article and see this below, but when you click on the article, it leads you to the Seahawks website where it states that the article has been deleted.

Update #1: Jason La Canfora of NFL.com is now confirming via an “inside source” that LenDale White is in the process of being released but is talking to management about it.  Official news release to come out shortly.

Update #2: According to Mac’s Football Blog, the deleted Seahawks.com post included the following explanation, which raises more questions than it answers:

“It became apparent at this time that LenDale was not ready to be a member of the Seattle Seahawks,” said General Manager John Scheider.  “It just did not appear to be the right fit at this point in our program.  We wish LenDale all the best with his future.”

Update #3: Whoah! Jason LaCanFora is tweeting here: LenDale White likely facing 4-game drug suspension, according to sources. Reasons for his release beyond that.

Update #4: And now the rest of the story, courtesy of Seahawks Insider‘s Eric Williams:

LaCanfora said that the team did know that White had a suspension pending when they made the trade.  However, further pushing the Seahawks to make a move with White is that he had problems making meetings on time, appeared to have a sense of entitlement and was not coachable.  According to the report, White didn’t appear committed to the team’s new philosophy preached by new head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider.