Largent: Last Year Was a Recipe for Disaster

Pete Carroll and Steve Largent met in Seattle for the first time last week, and Largent shared his thoughts on the meeting and other Seahawk matters with the guys on 101ESPN St. Louis. Largent was nothing if not frank in his analysis of how the previous two years have gone with this team:

“To have Mike Holmgren come back and announce before the season that he is not going to come back, that he was going to take kind of a swan-song year, I think it was a recipe for disaster right from the start. And it turned out to be exactly that. And then they bring in their defensive back coach who was the former head coach with the Falcons … and he was really set up for disaster as well.”

But despite the brutally honest look at the past, Largent called Carroll a heck of a football coach with a great track record, and that he believes Carroll is the right man to turn the organization around.

And looking back, it’s obvious that the entire situation with the “coach-in-waiting” transition from Holmgren to Mora caused far more damage than anything else. After 2008, we heard about locker room division, players quitting on the coaching staff, tempers flaring and a general mess of a year. “Disastrous” would be the first word that comes to mind.

I think what truly is the most damning evidence to Jim Mora as a leader and as a coach, however, is the fact that he went into that situation and couldn’t fix it. The beginning of the year looked very promising, with an expected 28-0 rout of the Rams at home. But as the weeks crept on, things went quickly downhill faster than anyone could’ve predicted. Mora was throwing his players under the bus, the offense looked absolutely inept, and every road game was an embarrassment.

Those were all problems the team had when it finished the 2008 season.

And, also obviously, those issues were looked at when the decision to fire Jim Mora was made.

Now, as Largent says, this is the beginning of a totally clean slate, right up to the top of the ladder. No more Tim Ruskell, no more Jim Mora, and no more Greg Knapp. Pete Carroll has been given the OK to wield a lot of power in this organization, and I can already see his attitude potentially taking this team to a much higher place than it’s been in recent memory.

Hindsight is always 20/20, but 2010 marks another new beginning for this team. And time will be the ultimate test in determining where the Seattle Seahawks’ problems truly are.