Kiper and Sando on Picks #6 and 14

In what’s sure to be the first of no less than 248 mock drafts published between now and April 22, Mel Kiper and Mike Sando talk about who the Seahawks will likely take with their 6th and 14th-overall picks. It seems like ideas about who the Hawks might take at #6 are all over the board, ranging from Eric Berry and Gerald McCoy to Russell Okung and Sam Bradford.

Kiper, however, brings up a name we haven’t heard much about being on Pete Carroll’s radar so far. Kiper:

6. Seattle Seahawks: Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech.

Kiper’s give: Many in Seattle will view the offensive line as a greater need, but Morgan fills another huge hole for a team that simply couldn’t get to the quarterback in 2009. He represents great value because he can rush the passer, is productive against the run and can even drop back — a versatile talent. Pete Carroll knows defense and should love what Morgan can offer.

Sando then offers his take, which includes this intresting thought about why the Hawks might not opt for the first offensive lineman they see:

New offensive line coach Alex Gibbs has made a career out of developing less talented linemen into effective zone blockers. Like Kiper, I could see Seattle looking elsewhere early.

My question to Kiper and Sando here would be this: If Oklahoma State’s Russell Okung is still on the board at 6, do the Seahawks really pass on him? The draft is heavy with talented linemen who should be available well after the first round, but Okung seems like the kind of tackle who could be mentored into the next Walter Jones. I’m not sure the team could possibly pass on the chance of Okung working with Alex Gibbs.

14. Seattle Seahawks: C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson

Kiper’s give: He’s not an offensive lineman, but Spiller could be a Reggie Bush-like option for the Seahawks. For a coach uniquely familiar with what Bush can do, Spiller is a missing home run threat in the run game, a good receiver and a valuable returner. Fans will want O-line help, and I’d expect it in Round 2.

Sando’s take: The Seahawks badly need offensive playmakers. If Spiller is a dynamic threat out of the backfield, as advertised, I could see the Seahawks considering him.

Carroll mentioned Reggie Bush’s unique skill set during a recent press conference, and it seems like Carroll might have had his eye on Spiller for a while because of his similarities to Bush. Spiller has been compared to everyone from Bush to Chris Johnson, and could be a vital addition to an offensive in dire need of an explosive playmaker that makes opposing defensive coordinators lose sleep on Saturday nights.