Keys to the Game: Week 9

Like every other week, this is “the biggest game of the year!” It isn’t, but it sure means a lot. The difference between 5-3 and 4-4 is sizable, but especially in this division and especially heading into a tough road stretch. What do the beaten-to-a-pulp Seahawks need to do to win?

  1. Beastforce Backfield. The Seahawks might not be able to run the ball effectively today, not behind this offensive line. That’s bad, but its okay. Forsett and Lynch still need to be the focus of this offense today. We need screen passes and we need them to work. We need rush yards when we can get them. We need blitz pickup. It’s up to these two — possibly more Forsett than Lynch today — to provide all those things and more.
  2. Capitalize on Mistakes. The offense doesn’t need to do everything, but they need to turn any mistakes by the Giants into points, preferably 7 of them rather than 3. We have failed too many times in this capacity.
  3. Contain the run. No Red Bryant, no Colin Cole, possibly no Mebane. The lynchpins of this rush defense are gone. That’s bad, but its not a death knell. The Seahawks linebackers must be disciplined and effective stopping Bradshaw and Jacobs. They can have their yards, but we can’t let them march and we can’t let them break long runs that kill us.
  4. Ball Hawk. Eli Manning is a good quarterback, but he makes mistakes and he can be frazzled. We need Clemons in top form today — stripsack! — and it would be nice for Earl Thomas to find the ball once or twice too. Turnovers are going to be key to winning this game.
  5. 12th Man. This one’s on you, folks. We are undefeated so far at home and the 12th Man has played no small part. With a backup QB, we need silence on offense. With Eli and the crew we need deafening noise for the defense. Let Clemons and Brock work their magic by keeping the offensive line off their mark.