Keys to the Game: Week 7

I’m feeling pretty good about today’s game, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be a cake walk. What do the Hawks need to do to win today?

  • Get into Max Hall’s head. Hit him, hit him often, hit him hard, hit him legally (NFL sponsored clause). The defensive game plan needs to rest largely on Chris Clemons and the 12th Man, with assists by Lawyer Milloy and Aaron Curry.
  • Run the ball with purpose and violence. I want Marshawn Lynch to break into Beast Mode in a major way today. I want our first 100 yard rusher of the year, with Forsett adding 60-80 yards on the side. We have the personnel to do it, now let’s put it together and end the game early.
  • Don’t feel secure. We can’t afford to believe we have this game locked up. We don’t. Fans should know that. This is a challenging game until the Seahawks prove otherwise. We are one game removed from being blown out by the Rams. Earn everything! Boot to the throat, let’s make this a statement game.
Beast mode.