Keys to the Game: Week 13

In a doesn’t-mean-much-if-we-win-but-really-means-a-lot-if-we-lose game, the Seahawks need to, first and foremost, win this game. Secondly though, they need to use this game to get some things going on both sides of the ball as we enter the home stretch and try to win the division. The game feels to me very similar to when the Seahawks lost to the lowly Bucs last year, so we need to make sure not to fall into the trap again. 

  • Marshawn – People are getting impatient with Lynch despite the offensive line being largely to blame for his troubles. Still, if Lynch is going to be part of the future of this franchise — and especially if we’re going to try to win in the playoffs — it’s time for him to start going. That means he has to have a good game and so does the offensive line. Having Michael Robinson (most likely) back should help. We need a fullback!
  • D-Line – The one thing these Panthers do pretty well is run the ball. That happens to be one thing we’ve been awful at stopping lately. Getting ready to face a few more strong running teams in the next couple of weeks, today is a key to building confidence and, of course, to winning today and getting back up to 500. 
  • Williams – The Panthers don’t have a stellar secondary and we have an emerging star at receiver (maybe more, with Obo and Tate…). We need Mike Williams to come back from his injury and dominate the Panthers as he has done with a few other teams this year. I’d love to watch this team just absolutely roll over the Panthers, starting strong with the young receivers and finishing hard with Beast Mode and J-Force. 
  • Walter Jones – Pay homage to the big man! Woo!