Keys to the Game: Week 11

The good thing about this game is that it’s now at all important for the Seahawks to win. Yes, we’d like to win, and yes, I think there is a chance we can win. But really, this is one of the games we entered the season expecting to lose, even in the cheeriest of scenarios. So, assume we lose it. No big deal, we’re still 5-5 and at least tied atop the NFC West with the Rams if they can pull off a major upset over the Falcons today. 
But, if we win, it sort of makes up for that awful loss to the Giants. It would really help this team mentally to take out a top-flight NFC team. We’ve got three chances this year — NYG at home, at New Orleans, and in Seattle to face Atlanta. Taking one of those games can say a lot about this team, taking both of the last two probably sets this team up for a 10-6 or 11-5 record and a legitimate chance at respect. Neat. So, what’s the recipe for success today?

  • Stay Healthy, Russ. If Okung can get through this game, there’s a good chance the Seahawks can a) protect the QB well, and b) run the ball with success. Nothing has had a bigger impact on the yards-per-carry of our running backs this season than Russell Okung — not the addition of Beast Mode or the removal of Julius Jones. Not Chester Pitts or Stacy Andrews or any other lineman. It’s been Russ. He makes it through the rest of the season, and we might really have a legitimate offense. 
  • Stay Smart, Matt. If we get the Hasselbeck of his last two starts, we are going to be okay. Yes, the Seahawks ended up getting destroyed by the Raiders, but that was much more on the WRs than the QB. He has been hitting receivers downfield better than anytime I can remember in his career. He’s also been keeping the ball away from the defense. We do that and we might be wearing a mighty smile this time tomorrow. 
  • Stay Nasty, Brandon. Mebane came back last week and had his typical huge impact. He’s the best defensive player we have and arguably one of the best in the NFC. We need him to a force against the run and help collapse the pocket in on Brees to help Clemons and the Crew put some pressure on him. Mebane is crucial and if he can have a big game, we can have a solid defensive effort.
  • Stay Beastly, Mike. I love Mike Williams. He needs another big game today, and if he puts one together, a) we have a good chance at winning, and b) he has a better chance of earning Pro Bowl honors. Who deserves it ahead of him in the NFC other than Roddy White?