Keys to the Game: Week 10

These are getting more difficult to write. What do the Seahawks need to do in order to win? Which Seahawks team is going to show up? For that matter, what Cardinals team will? 

  • Mike Williams – He needs to be well used early and often. Let him dominate the Cardinals like he did a few weeks ago and we can win this game. Matt can find him, we know that. Make it so or expect a long day.
  • Beast Mode – I ain’t tryin’ to feel any more excuses. I don’t care how terrible this offensive line is (very terrible), I want Carroll and Co to go to the run game a lot. I want to see SOMETHING out of this offense. It’s pathetic so far. We can do so much better, and I expect us to today against this vulnerable Cardinals defense. 
  • No big plays on Defense – No Cole or Bryant means so-so run defense, but it certainly will help to get Brandon Mebane, our best defender, back on the field. Control Fitzgerald and Breaston and let the 
  • Turnovers and Sacks – it is absolutely crucial for the Seahawks to bring their HOME defense on the Road. That means turnovers forced and sack opportunities created. We have no chance without those two elements.