Kerney Retiring? (Updated)

Via Brian McIntyre, PFT is reporting that Patrick Kerney recently threw himself a retirement party at his home in Atlanta.

If true, this is not a shocking story. Kerney was very unlikely to be on the Seahawks payroll next year, due $5.15 million plus a share of his signing bonus. It does potentially make drafting a defensive end a more immediate need, however. There are quite a few out there, but not too many appear elite: Derrick Morgan could be, though he didn’t wow me in the GT games I saw; Jason Pierre-Paul out of USF is a beast and actually projects to be a similar player as Kerney; Greg Hardy is a dark horse here, someone who has some serious character concerns but has all the upside in the world. Hardy would likely be available in the second round, the others, not a chance.

Either way, if Kerney is indeed retiring, the team just got younger and that’s not such a bad thing. Thanks for 2007, PK!

(UPDATE): According to sources Kerney is not retiring. These sources claim to have talked to Kerney personally and Kerney himself stated that Mike Florio is inaccurate.