Jimmy Clausen at #6?

Eric Williams, with the Tacoma News Tribune, had a great interview with Coach Carroll and Gm John Schneider recently. One question and answer from that interview was:

Q: Jimmy Clausen talked about how it came down to you guys at USC and Notre Dame when he came out, was it that close?

Carroll: “Sure, it really was. It was either/or. I’ve told these guys, I watched Jimmy throw since he was a ninth grader. That’s how far back I go, he was 13 when I watching that guy play, and I watched all of his film every year and know the family and all of that and recruited him all the way through the process. And it came down to – he won’t say it – but Mark Sanchez or Notre Dame. And so he made a great choice for himself and did the best he could with it.”

After reading about the past history with Carroll and Clausen, one should assume that IF Clausen is available at #6, the Hawks may pull the trigger. Hasselbeck is a great QB and I believe he still has a few years left in him. If Clausen is available and is taken by the Hawks at #6, Hasselbeck could mentor the future QB with the next few years or one year of work. With Hasselbeck having one more year left on his contract and a few injuries the past few years, the Hawks need to start looking at the future without Hasselbeck. In the same article, Carroll stated that they will always look at future QB’s every draft no matter what.

One thing that was great to see at the NFL Combine, Clausen was wearing #6.  Hmmmm… We have pick #6….. You never know!