Jim Mora Fired {Updated]

Jay Glazer had it first. Will update.

Update: No word from the Hawks yet, but Sando and Schefter have both confirmed. PFT reports [via Glazer] that the Seahawks have already contacted assistants for the vacancy, including Leslie Frazer. Two Super Bowl Shufflers in the same division?!

Update 2: This move will greatly improve the Seahawks’ ability to get the GM they want. I’m eternally grateful for Tod Leiweke seeing the error in his “join us, we won’t join you” approach. It was stupid at the time and embarassing within two weeks. Brian McIntyre had originally brought up Marty Morninwheg as a candidate if Tom Heckert is still interested, and perhaps this is an effort to prove to Heckert that we want that interview. (Worth noting though, Morninwheg has been called the “worst coach in the history of the NFL” by at least one person.)

Update 3: Some names to consider, outside of Vikings DC Leslie Frazier: Bill Cowher, Marty Schottenheimer, Jim Haslett (unlikely), Jon Gruden (has already said he won’t coach in 2010), Cam Cameron, and then, of course, there are the college ranks (which rarely works).

Update 4: ESPN lists Bill Cowher and John Fox as potential front runners. Cowher as GM, Fox as coach? I believe they have had a relationship, but I might be wrong.

Update 5: Seattle only competing with Buffalo for head coaching positions right now; we’ve got much more money and a better location. Another name to think on is Brian Billick, who is already assembling his team.

Update 6: Danny O’Neil just tweeted that all indications are that it was Paul Allen himself, not Tod Leiweke, who made the decision. He wants to go in a different direction altogether. Hopefully this is also a sign that Mr. Allen is doing at least somewhat well in his cancer battle.

Update 7: Commercial Free hour on Brock and Salk (listen online at www.mynw.com); Adam Schefter about to join them. Paul Allen willing to absorb $12-13 million hit to go in a new direction. If that doesn’t feel good as a fan of this team, you should probably not be a fan. The owner is committed to winning.

Update 8: Seahawks have made it official; “Jim Mora relieved of his Duties”

Update 9: “A new direction was needed to make the franchise successful.” – Leiweke. Mora: “This team, this community means so much so me that it hurts to not get the chance to see this through…. this is a tough business that sometimes demands immediate gratification.”

Update 10: Pete Carroll rumored to be a target of the Seahawks? What the hell? Also, my brother Tom says that he heard Leslie Frazier turned down the interview.

Update 11: Mortenson is saying it would be a surprise if Carroll wasn’t the guy. Sando saying that IF Frazier turned down the interview, that likely indicates that there is someone basically in place.

Update 12: I think we can assume, by the way, that this means the entire coaching staff is gone. [Grabbing lunch, be back shortly]

Update 13: Adam Schefter just said that the team had quit on Mora.

Update 14: Jay Glazer just tweeted: “2 ppl close to pete carroll told me seattle dangling an exhorbitant amount of money at him. very substantial!” Get ready for disappointment.

Update 15: A rumor: “Eric DeCosta turns down Seahawks chance to be interviewed for GM role. He believes Carroll will be given full job duties.”

Update 16: I’ve got a meeting, but I’ll leave you with this morsel:  A Seahawks contingent including CEO Tod Leiweke interviewed Carroll in Los Angeles earlier this week to gauge his interest.

Update 17: Two more, then meeting: Danny O’Neil tweets: “Pete Carroll has already reached about assembling a potential coaching staff, specifically UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker.” Yahoo Sports (Charles Robinson): “Joe McKnight declaring 4 draft. Pete Carroll interviewing w/ Seattle. USC self sanctioning. Read the signs: the NCAA is going 2 drop hammer.”

Update 18: Danny O’Neil tweets: “The Seahawks have indicated to Fritz Pollard Alliance that they will separate president and GM jobs. Of course, that could change.”

Update 19: ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that Pete Carroll would likely bring USC offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates with him to Seattle should the Seahawks hire Carroll as their next head coach. The Bears suddenly have real competition for Bates, and may want to speed up their courting of him. Like Carroll, Bates was in the NFL previous to his time at Southern Cal. He has a history of tutoring young QBs (early-career Jay Cutler, USC true freshman starter Matt Barkley), so his potential addition might hint that Seattle will draft a signal caller early in April.

Update 20: Now we know why Heckert will not be interviewing for the GM position for Seattle. He has chose to accept the GM position in Cleveland.