Injury Update

It’s ugly, but let’s just get it out of the way because we’re all curious.

Danny O’Neil has a full injury update posted here. None of this is good news, especially given that the Giants are coming to town on Sunday and it seems like half the starting lineup suffered some kind of injury yesterday.

Key injuries include, but are not limited to:

  • Matt Hasselbeck was not made available to reporters after the game because of a “head injury of undisclosed severity.” Charlie Whitehurst saw his first action of the season by coming in late in the fourth quarter. If Matt’s injury is the kind that holds him out of a game, expect Whitehurst to start against the Giants.
  • Red Bryant suffered a right knee injury and was seen on crutches later in the day. He couldn’t walk off the field under his own power.
  • Colin Cole sustained an ankle injury, which O’Neil said looked “pretty swollen” after the game.
  • Ben Hamilton was said to have suffered a concussion after it was initially thought he was poked in the eye.
  • Tyler Polumbus suffered a leg injry at some point, and missed a few plays. He was able to return to the game, mainly because his absence left a gaping hole at left tackle with Russell Okung already out.

Long story short, Okung and Polumbus absolutely need to be healthy for this weekend’s matchup. I shudder to think about how things would look against Osi Umenyora if the left tackle spot was still that dinged up. The difference between Polumbus and Okung is already severe enough; we can’t afford to have it thinned down any further.

Mike Williams and Golden Tate also suffered small injuries but were able to return to action. The bad news is they might as well have mailed in their performances on the field. Inexcusable and unacceptable. Hopefully the offense will learn from this defeat, because it’s going to be a very long eight weeks if they don’t.