Hawks Hire New S&C Coach [Update]

We reported it weeks ago as a rumor. Then it died. Now, it’s back, and it’s official. Mike Clark will no longer be the Seahawks’ strength and conditioning coach, being replaced by USC’s guy Chris Carlisle. I’ll let the guys who know him speak about Carlisle:

During his time at Heritage Hall, the 47-year-old Carlisle built one of the most successful strength and conditioning programs in the nation, earning national collegiate strength and conditioning coach of the year honors in 2006 from the Professional Football Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society. Numerous former players would return from the NFL each offseason to work out with Carlisle and his staff in a unique movement-based program that set a trend in football training.

Check out the whole article, it’s brief, but should get you excited. Mike Clark was a very good S&C coach, but I would still consider this a modest upgrade. I feel that Carroll has really been doing a good job of upgrading where upgrades are needed, recognizing where his guys might not be upgrades, and generally giving the team some new energy across the board.

[Update:] The Seahawks have also hired Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach Mondray Gee from the Green Bay Packers. (Via Brian McIntyre)