Gridiron Challenge: Week 1 Results

Did you have Arian Foster? That makes two of us. But a fair number of the 172 participants of the 2010 Seahawk Addicts Gridiron Challenge seem to have… Here are the results after Week One:

  1. Seahawker0624 – 144 points and the 99.1 percentile of all ESPN users. Way to go! He blew to the top with Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Arian Foster, Chris Johnson, Greg Jennings, Roddy White, Jermichael Finley, David Akers, and the Jets defense. The key to it though? Not the superstars, but Arian Foster. It pays to take some risks and not just go with the big guys — say, for example, Ryan “IR” Grant.
  2. EsT54 – 142 points
  3. Hassel is Back – 139 points
  4. IMFletch8210 – 136 points
  5. Runbakvike8 and Shawnhuskyfan81 – 134 points apiece.
How did we do? Well, Chris (that’s me) sucked it up with just 63 points (what?!?!) and came in 159th. I dominated Mike Parker though, who forgot to enter his roster. Oh well, I’m sure no one will notice.