Great Comments

Thanks to a great fan who commented in an earlier article, I had to just copy and paste what he said for all of you to read.

From “halkboy15”

How about some more positive stuff?
Chris Clemons is 5th in the league with 4 sacks.

Earl Thomas 4th in the league with 3 interceptions.

Olindo Mare has a great streak going (25 in a row).

Leon Washington is first in the league with a average of 40.1 kick return yards.

Golden Tate is 2nd in the league with a average of 18.1

And not last but not least, our Seatte Seahawks is #3 in the league in run defense with a average of 72.8 yards per game and 2.7 yards per carry.

Good stuff halkboy15. Thanks for catching all of that. This is something that none of us wrote on earlier today.