Five to watch at the Combine

The NFL Scouting Combine begins in earnest on Saturday, and there’s a whole lot of people the Seahawks need to be looking at. I thought I’d give a brief look at give of those guys today, and maybe keep the trend going through this week. Let’s start with the secondary:

  1. Taylor Mays – Obviously; while there isn’t a whole lot for Carroll to scout with Mays, you should be watching how he performs at the Combine. If he doesn’t live up to expectations, he could really free fall since few people think he could cover a barbecue with a tarp let alone an NFL receiver. Mays could jump back into the first round this week, or he could plummet to the third.
  2. Javier Arenas – Coming from Alabama, Arenas is pretty much a known quantity. He’s a solid cornerback and an above average kick returner, two things that the Seahawks need. Unfortunately, he’s tiny — only 5’9″ — so it’s unlikely that he could be looked at too hard by the Seahawks unless they view him as superior to Josh Wilson, which he isn’t. Still, he’ll be fun to watch.
  3. Morgan Burnett – A safety out of Georgia Tech, Burnett would profile as a solid strong safety for the Seahawks. He needs to run in the 4.5s on his 40-yard dash to prove that he can really cover tight ends and the occasional slot receiver or his draft stock is in trouble. We all look at Mays and of course Eric Berry, but they both profile more as free safeties because of their speed. Burnett could be worth looking at.
  4. Joshua Moore – A cornerback from Kansas State listed on Chad Reuters “who will rise” article, Moore could sneak into the earlier rounds despite coming from a small school that no one watches since Josh Freeman left. He’s fast and fluid, and could climb up draft boards. More importantly, he’s 5’11”.
  5. Eric Berry / Joe Haden – the consensus best safety and consensus best corner, both of them can only hurt their draft stock. If they put up good numbers, good interviews, and don’t get injured, they’ll be fine. Both should be fun to watch, especially Berry who is surprisingly fluid for a safety.
Who are you watching?