Double Pitts to Chester

Veteran offensive guard Chester Pitts is in town tonight and tomorrow to meet with the Seahawks brass and potentially negotiate a deal. This is the third visit he has made, coming here directly from San Francisco.

Pitts is 30 years old (middle aged by OL standards) and is coming off [dun dun dunnn] microfracture surgery to his knee. This after 7 years of not missing a game, but still, it remains to be seen whether a lineman can return from microfracture surgery. If Pitts could play to his past self’s performance, he would be a great addition for the Seahawks — he played under Alex Gibbs for years in Houston — but his that is a big if. I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Hawks sign him to an incentive laden contract, but if we sell the farm to “win” him, we might be buying a dead rooster.