Disfunction Junction

In lieu of the clusterhump being set off by the firing of Jim Mora and subsequent hiring of Pete Carroll, an interesting tidbit came to light this morning. In between Hugh Millen lambasting Carroll for being a player’s coach and ignoring the last two years of praising Jim Mora for being almost identical in that manner, Millen dropped a bombshell: the Seahawks have been rather disfunctional of late.

Okay, okay, not such a bombshell. Still, the level to which is goes was clarified a bit. When Jim Mora sent out an email in support of Mike Holmgren, that was looked at by a lot of people as a pretty classy move (and others as a “please don’t fire me, Mike!” move). Not everyone saw it that way though. According to Millen, Tim Ruskell sent a text message to Mora:

“Real Classy…. Now I know I was 100 percent wrong about you and I paid for it dearly.”

Um. Ouch. Danny O’Neil explains the problem brilliantly over on his blog:

That’s certainly an indication of the level of dysfunction that was occurring in and around the Seahawks over the previous six weeks where you had the president who resigned two-thirds of the way through the season texting the coach he hired to criticize the coach’s support of the man whose staff he served on for two years before becoming head coach.