Dis-Official: Walker Says No Offer

Well, as is sometimes the case, it seems like people may have jumped the gun a bit on the ol’ DeWayne Walker as defensive coordinator story:

“Those reports are false,” Walker said. “I have not been offered the job. Therefore, I have not accepted the job. Everything everybody is writing is false.” … “Nothing’s been offered, nothing’s been talked about… I haven’t even talked to Pete. And if I did, (NMSU Athletics Director McKinley) Boston would be the first to know.

So, that’s a pretty outright denial, but it could also be to mask the fact that it leaked before he had a chance to talk to his boss. Could Carroll have other plans? We have already been fed one wrong coach (Ruel as O-Line), so it’s possible that there’s someone else coming. Will it be a bombshell like Alex Gibbs? I doubt it, but if you’d asked me yesterday, I would’ve called Ruel or Solari a great fit.